Rebirth Engine

Rebirth Engine is a graphic engine written in C++ using DirectX 9.0c which also provides a wide library of effects based on HLSL shaders.

Rebirth Engine and its library of effects was programmed by Angel Antonio Muñoz Berbel for his university dissertation and received honours for his work.

You can see a brief description of Rebirth Engine’ features in the following video (please watch the video in HD):

Below there’s a more detailed description of all Rebirth Engine’ features:

  • Content Pipeline: 3D models from 3D editor to the Engine with its associated materials without touching any code. This process includes classes for reading shader parameters’ semantics. The engine automatically initializes the parameters which use those semantics or parameters that were already specified during the creation of the 3D model in the 3D editor, like for example textures.
  • Complex lighting system:
    • You can include many spotlights, pointlights or directional lights. Each one with different properties like color, intensity, associated shadow map size, etc.
    • Possibility of casting shadows for every kind of light using:
      • Shadow mapping for spotlights with perspective projection.
      • Shadow mapping for pointlights with omnidirectional shadow maps.
      • Parallel Split Shadow Map (PSSM) algorithm for outdoor smooth shadows.
      • Smooth shadows using Percentage Close Filtering (PCF) technique.
      • Slope-Scale depth bias algorithm for avoiding shadow mapping errors on steep slopes.
      • Possibility for dynamic updating of shadow maps.
  • Render part of the scene into a 2D texture(renderTarget2D) or the whole scene into a cube texture (renderTargetCube).
  • Particle systems support.
  • You can load,edit and save your own map.
  • Different resolutions support.
  • 2D drawing tools (sprites and text)
  • Screens management system that allows you to create menus, credit screens, game screens, etc and switch between them.
  • Drawing of thousands of objects within only one draw call for a better game performance.
  • Skeletal animation support
  • Terrain collision system for the camera.
  • Possibility to modify game parameters through Graphical User Interface like field of view, enable or disable certain effects, etc.
  • The engine also provides a wide library of effects which include:
    • Day-Night cycle with the following characteristics:
      • Sky chromatography varies depending on the time of day; showing a starry sky at nighttime.
      • Sun position computed based on real behaviour depending on time of the day, month, latitude and longitude.
      • Dynamic updating of the outdoor illumination.
      • Clouds that move with the wind.
    • Realistic water with realtime reflections and refractions
    • Wet asphalt
    • Realistic terrain rendering with:
      • Two areas: A high definition small area near the user position and a bigger low definition area for the rest of the map. HD area uses high definition textures, anisotropic filter and normal mapping to increase realism.
      • Terrain decoration with vegetation that move in the wind with little chaos (not all the vegetation moves in the same way).
    • Post-effects support.
    • Many other shaders which implement techniques like:
      • Normal mapping.
      • Specular maps.
      • Billboards.
      • Cube mapping
      • Texture animation.
      • Alpha testing and alpha blending.
      • Ambient occlusion.
      • Projective texturing.


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