Rebirth Engine 2 for DirectX11 and DirectX10 

Newest version of Rebirth Engine.

DesertIsland 2012-12-02 22-02-24-17

New features implemented so far:

  • Enhanced 3D model loader capable of reading from a wide variety of formats such as Collada (.dae) , 3D Studio 3DS (.3ds), Blender (.blend), etc.
  • Engine fully programmed using DirectX 11.
  • Allows D3D10 feature level for DirectX 10 support.
  • Includes new HLSL Effects like Frozen Water.
  • Improved particle system support,  totally managed in the GPU that uses the Depth Bias Alpha technique to achieve smooth soft particles when colliding with other objects of the scene.


Multiplatform 2D engine and game demo for PC+Kinect and PSP (PlayStation Portable)


2D multiplatform engine created following the principles of modularity, simplicity, recyclability and abstractness for using as much common code as possible between platforms (about 70 % of common code including both Engine and game)

Kinect support for the PC version

Using the engine a Quick Reaction Game was created for both platforms.


Rebirth Engine: 3D graphics engine 


Rebirth Engine is a graphics engine written in C++ using DirectX 9.0c which also provides a wide library of effects based on HLSL shaders.

For more information, please visit:



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